On the equipment of WOJTEX company is only the best equipment on the market. Over the years, we relied only on checked brands, and that gave us success where other fail.

Our Fleet is subjected to regular modernization, thanks to that 100% trucks held by us meets strict EURO 5 ecology norms. Regular technical surveys and regular repairs made by highly qualified staff, having available very well equipped workshop and cooperation with authorized manufacturers sites, provide excellent work of all our sets. Mercedes, Daf, Volvo, Termoking, Schmitz – brands that we trust.

The specific of cooler transport on far west routes confronts equipment with standards different from local cargo deliveries.

Our machines endure extreme conditions, including temperature difference going to tens of degrees. The availability of manufacturers sites on vast spaces of Russian Federation, especially in bad weather can be difficult. That means choosing correct set, which will not fail us when we are delivering your goods on long distances. Goods with controlled temperature can change its properties, lowering its price, even in differences of temperature measuring few degrees from the set. Every chiller and Unit equipped with it are regularly checked by specialists and are certified with ATP-FRC certificate, providing the highest quality in temperature control.

Cooler transport means transporting goods that are perishable, because of that our company colors are white which means purity and blue which means freshness. In order to ensure compliance with the required standards in food transport, we build our own Car-wash. In which all of our vehicles are carefully washed before going on next destination place. Cargo space in cleaned with use of disinfectants. Thanks to that all of our clients without fear are entrusting us with their goods, no matter if that are meat products, vegetables, fruits, or dairy.